TF: Square Therma-Fuser VAV Diffuser


The model TF Therma-Fuser VAV diffuser is a 24in / 600mm square ceiling diffusers with built in temperature controls and blade style VAV damper. This self-modulating diffuser provides optimal thermal comfort through integrated thermal sensors that continuously monitor room temperature to modulate the integrated damper. Damper modulation is done mechanically with a thermally powered wax actuator, eliminating the need for any electrical or controls wiring and making installation quick and easy.


  • Thermally powered – no wires
  • Separate temperature set points for VAV heating and VAV cooling
  • Superior air distribution— longer throws, no dumping, more entrainment, even temperature distribution, higher ADPI and better room air change effectiveness
  • Lowest cost per zone of control
  • Easy to install – retrofit options