Acutherm: Who We Are

We are committed to delivering economical solutions to building developers, owners, and tenants, which meet their triple bottom line goals; thereby creating more energy-efficient, comfortable, and sustainable environments for building occupants.

We believe that designing and manufacturing the best performing, highest quality products is only possible through a continued investment in research, development, and quality control. Our company culture encourages innovation and promotes personal and professional growth, while providing the necessary resources to uphold the highest standards of quality of the products we develop, test, and manufacture.

None of this is possible without you. To this end, we strive to provide unparalleled factory support to ensure that your project meets your goals and those of your client.

Our Legacy

Since 1978, Acutherm has been dedicated to making commercial buildings more comfortable, energy efficient, and sustainable through cost-effective HVAC system solutions. We achieve our mission through R&D, design, manufacturing, and distribution of Therma-Fuser™ Systems. Through extensive ongoing product testing, development, and strict manufacturing quality assurance measures, Acutherm has earned the reputation of being the decisive leader in the VAV diffuser market.

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The Future of Innovation

At Acutherm, we are constantly researching new products and accessories to provide even higher performing Therma-Fuser Systems. Our goal to provide superior comfort for optimum work environments compels us to explore and develop new technology all the time. Whether it’s diffusers, system controls, or heating units, we have the future of high performance air systems in mind.

Acutherm has been instrumental in groundbreaking sustainability achievements:

  • world’s first LEED v.4 Platinum certified project
  • world’s highest scoring LEED-CI (2009)
  • first LEED Gold certified project for Kaiser N. California
  • first LEED Platinum in the Caribbean
  • world’s first LEED Gold certified fab
  • Several net zero installations; and many more.


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On Site Performance Testing

Acutherm has a fully equipped testing laboratory, which is staffed by graduate engineers and LEED Accredited Professionals. On-going research into product improvement and new product development allows our clients to test the Therma-Fuser Systems’ performance in a controlled environment, designed to simulate their building’s conditions. All new products are completely developed and fully tested before going into production.

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Associations / Memberships

U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

As U.S. Green Building Council members, we are committed to sustainability, both from a product development and manufacturing perspective; as well as, within our own operations. We have a robust recycling program, whereby we recycle 95-98% of unused byproduct. Furthermore, our commitment to domestically manufacturing Therma-Fuser Systems, has allowed us to maintain the highest standards of quality through a seamless Quality Control process.

Air Movement & Control Association International (AMCA)

A not-for-profit association, AMCA has served as a partner to the air movement and control industry, providing vital service as a third-party testing and verification entity since 1917. AMCA sets standards and evaluates new technologies as they emerge, allowing system designers to more accurately predict performance in the field. Kurt Herzog, Vice President, Managing Director, Acutherm is currently serving as Chair of AMCA International’s High Performance Air Systems (HPAS) task force, which was assembled to develop and advocate an industry-consensus message focused around energy efficiency, free cooling, life-cycle cost, ease of maintenance, superior Indoor Air Quality, and occupant comfort.

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We are your partners in the execution of High Performance Building environments, committed to delivering economical solutions to building developers, owners, and tenants, which meet their triple bottom line goals.

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