Korea Appraisal Board

Project Name

Korea Appraisal Board


Korea Appraisal Board


Daegu, South Korea

Market Sector

Building Size

26,840 m2

Project Completion


Construction Type


  • Korea Green Building Award, 2014


  • A/E: Samoo Architects & Engineers

Acutherm Manufacturer’s Rep

Youone Engineering, Co. Ltd

Project Description

Korea Appraisal Board, which was established as a government company, is a specialized enterprise focused on survey, valuation, and statistics related to real estate. Setting up the constant survey system for value information of real estate and supporting public notice of real estate price for taxation, the board has been surveying price trends and information about the real estate market. By providing the government and public with the results of the survey as a state-owned enterprise, it may contribute to national economic development and policy making.

The new headquarters for the Korea Appraisal Board in Daegu reflects ideals of transparency and trustworthiness through the concept of “Jeong, Ahn, Ru,” meaning a “tower of justice”. Innovative facade, ice-storage system, PV panels and energy saving technologies, such as Therma-Fuser™ Systems are integrated through a central Building Management System that aims to provide the new HQ building with a new basis for sustainable growth.