Project Name



A Nitto Group Company


Oceanside, California

Market Sector

Building Size

160,000 sf

Project Completion


Construction Type

Therma-Fuser System Configuration

Project Description

Hydranautics, A Nitto Group Company, is a world leader in the membrane separation industry, seawater desalination, and dairy reverse osmosis. The 160,000 square foot Production Facility reported issues with the current constant air volume system with frequent occupant complaints regarding poor zone control, thermostat wars, and maintenance calls. The facility’s engineers were taken away from key tasks, including maintaining assembly lines/production, which needs to be up and running (33 chillers); rather than continuously adjusting thermostats and manual balancing dampers and louvers. The selected solution was implementation of constant volume DX units (37 units on site) zoned with Therma-Fuser™ diffusers. This resulted in reduced maintenance calls and associated costs.