Ferrum Tower
(페럼 타워)

Project Name

Ferrum Tower
(페럼 타워)


Samsung Life Insurance


Seoul, South Korea

Market Sector

Building Size

55,695 m2

Project Completion


Construction Type

Acutherm Manufacturer’s Rep

Youone Engineering, Co. Ltd

Project Description

When Ferrum Tower opened, it looked every inch the slick office building. Slicing the firmament, this Dongkuk Steel-owned 28-story high skyscraper shouted corporate cool.

Located flush up against shopping-and-tourist hotspot Myeongdong, the new addition soon started attracting rave reviews because of its stunning architectural prowess and its amazing set of restaurants that set up shop.

The main goal of the Therma-Fuser™ VAV system installation was to reduce energy consumption. The owner estimates a savings of up to 80% on fan energy vs VAV box system.